Jen and I  are leaving Haiti on Wednesday and this will most likely be my last post from the island. When I am home I will get photos uploaded and some final thoughts put down.

Jen’s planned stay through mid July has changed due to our circumstances with GVN.(Joanne: I’m delivering her early do I get mondel bread?)  Haiti is a tough country that takes discipline and we both felt that GVN was lacking therby creating a unique challenge on top of what we were already facing. That being said…

Its been an incredible journey; intense, challenging, fun and fulfilling. We leave the country with a changed perception not just of Haiti, but of the power in and of humanity and what can be accomplished. The trip was far from perfect, to say the least, and anytime you put a group of strangers together who are all headstrong and wanting to help you get the occasional firework or two, but to know that you are all here for a good cause more than makes up for it. I went through my pictures last night and am excited to share them, but worry they dont accurately capture what we have seen and felt during our stay and so I will leave it up to all of you to pursue your own challenges and acts of kindness in hope that anytime someone embarks on a journey you have a context of which to frame the story. My cohorts and the folks I have met have asked me if I will come back to Haiti and the answer is yes, at some point when I have an opportunity, I’d very much like to visit and see what progress has been made and where else I might lend my support.

I’m hanging out with Pouchon in about 45 min and am excited to see him and catch up. I’m hoping to do the same tomorrow as well. He is my takeaway from this trip. For me he represents the mix of innocence and hustle that embody the Haitian spirit and I am grateful that he came along.

Until then..

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This is a blog for Jen's and my trip to Haiti.
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