early departures

After much deliberation and contemplation I have decided to cut my experience here in Haiti short. GVN has rotations every two weeks, and while I had planned and looked forward to staying through two of the rotations, those plans have changed and I will be returning home this week. (You’re welcome mom!) While I have had an incredible experience here and have learned a lot about myself, the Haitian people, and the impact that one person can have on a community in need; both Noah and I have been less than impressed with the leadership and direction that this program has. We both came into this experience wanting to really make a difference, and work our asses off so that we could really see a difference in something that we started. Time and time again our energy and ideas have been thwarted by our lack of support and project organization from our team leaders. Unfortunately, this has happened before and I am not the first person who has left the program early.

I do want to say that coming to this decision to leave early was extremely difficult, and one that i am still struggling with as I write this. The work that needs to be done here is endless and will take years, if not decades. I don’t feel that this will be my last visit to Haiti, (sorry mom) and hope to come back in another form to continue the work that has begun here. Feeling under utilized has been extremely difficult for the both of us, but neither of us feel that it is safe enough to go out on our own to get things done. We both feel that our time here has been priceless and are walking away with a very different view of the world than we came here with. The sense of community that exists amongst the locals is astounding and if we all lived in communities like this our day to day existence would be very different.

Until then…

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3 Responses to early departures

  1. Joanne says:

    All that being said, I am happy to have you home-so a big thank you. I am so very proud to have you for a daughter. Truly, you are awe inspiring. So much love-MOM

  2. Rick says:

    I think everyone understands and appreciates what you are saying and what you and Noah attempted to accomplish there. I think it might be one of those situations where the organizers give less credit to the volunteers. You are both an inspiration…and welcome home.

  3. Mandie Giroux says:

    Agreed! You are amazing inspirations, both of you. Jen, you continue to make the people around you want to rise to more difficult challenges. I can only imagine your frustration, as I know how much you wanted to participate in this. On a selfish note, I am so happy to have you home early, can’t wait to chat about it all over dinner. Lots of love and a safe trip home! xox

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